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Quote: Topics were very relevant and expertly attended to.

What would you do if you had a student or advisee who:

  • seems less and less engaged, and whose grades have started going downhill?
  • is caught sexting in study hall?
  • is rumored to be drinking every weekend?
  • has geometrical scratches on his or her arm?
  • has a parent who has cancer?
  • asks to change her lab partner to “someone who speaks English”?
  • asks you to change her grade because her parents will flip over a C?
  • confides he’s in love with his roommate?
  • is crying and asks to leave class?
  • says s/he's “tired of having to educate white people”?
  • sent everyone a picture of a classmate and labeled it “gross”?

You will learn

Counseling Skills for Non-Counselors

In teaching
In advising
In discipline

Normal adolescent development

Sexuality and sexual orientation

Diversity in schools: race, gender, and ethnicity

Identifying serious trouble

Anxiety, depression, and the threat of suicide

Understanding acting out

When and how to call for help