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Quote: The absolute best professional development experience Iíve had in over 15 years of teaching.

55 years and counting, we continue to offer the Stanley King Counseling Institute at the Brooks School in North Andover MA (June 17–22, 2018) and at the Fountain Valley School in CO (Aug. 3–8). We are deeply grateful that so many schools remain confident in our work and are increasingly asking us to provide follow-up in-service training to keep the work alive and fresh for their faculty. With so many new schools joining our ranks over the past few years, we have had waitlists. Register early. If you think of the Institute late in the spring, call to find out about space; we do cap attendance so that we can maintain small groups and ensure a personally meaningful experience for all.

This fall our faculty member Paula Chu will be at the POCC conference in Anaheim presenting the workshop: “How Do We Listen Deeply When We Are Full Up With Our Own Feelings?” Look for her on the program. I will be at NAIS in Atlanta in February continuing a tradition of presenting with Jack Creeden, Head of Chadwick School and a long-time supporter of our work. Maintaining relationships with Institute alumni provides great joy for us, so stop by to say hello; we are presenting on Thursday. And if you are new to us, come get a preview of our philosophy and teaching style.

The core of our mission and work addresses some of the pressures felt so keenly by adolescents in today’s independent schools. The increase in anxiety and stress students are expressing has become a formidable challenge. Our focus is on how to listen deeply to students, to understand what they are thinking and feeling, and to provide support during their adolescence as they navigate their complex world. Students have a thirst for real relationships with adults who care about them: meaningful moments of connection make all the difference. A feeling of recognition and of being known become true antidotes to anxiety.

Institute attendees speak of the way the Institute has changed how they see their role and relationship with students. They tell us how they now have the skills and tools to make deeper connections that extend their positive influence in the lives of students. We hope you will talk with Institute alumni from your school, as they’ll be able to share their sense of how attending might be helpful to your work.

The Stanley King Counseling Institute has lasted over 50 years because we all know that adolescents need to be in relationship with adults that care enough to listen. When a student feels that connection, a sense of motivation and true belonging to your school community naturally follows. This makes the world of difference to the student — and to the teacher as well.

We look forward to working together,

Ellen Porter Honnet, Ed.D.